Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well, im gonna have IS paper dis evening approximately around 2:15
n i duno wheather i can do it or HRM can be considered as 80% screw up...
Fin 326 is the worst case scenario...prefer not to talk bout it..
Hmmmm,on behave of the class, i would like to give a whole heart and sincere apology to all of our lecturer...

1.Puan Nazihah Omar
2.Puan Hazilah
3.Puan Rashidah Mokhtar
4.En Khairuddin b sali@salleh
5.En sukor b Jaafar
6.En Kamal

if there is anything that hurt u ever since u start to teach us,please forgive us...
none of our action is to purposely hurt u somehow...mayb u have the right not to forgive us..
but all im asking is "keberkatan ilmu'
all the bad and wrong doing came from us itself and all the goodness came from Allah s.w.t
I have no intention to be sarcastic or funny in this matter, this is serious because all of the lecturer are  the one who grade us and it is never to late to ask for forgiveness and 'keberkatan ilmu' as long God didn't take away our life..

owh well wish me luck n i wish everyone who are in the exam mood and read dis blog would be
bless with good day and good luck with your final exam doesn't matter wat paper it is..

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